Painting, straightening and repair of car body parts

Painting of car parts for foreign cars, their repair and straightening.
We restore parts after an accident, only high-quality materials, accurate color selection. For a better result, we do complete painting of the part instead of local painting.
Guarantee for the quality of works. Free consultation.

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Professional painting, only high quality materials

We do painting of both the entire car and individual parts! We provide a guarantee on our work!
Vehicle painting is an important stage of repair and restoration work that can radically change the appearance of your car. This procedure can be carried out either voluntarily, when the owner decides to change the color of the car, or forcedly, as a rule, after repairing the body or its individual elements. But, regardless of what forced you to turn to car painting specialists, our company will perform these works at the highest professional level.

We will help you restore your car

Despite the persistent fight against traffic violators, round-the-clock work of the police, numerous videos on the Internet in which they ridicule lout drivers, etc., accidents on our roads happen quite often. That is, none of the drivers is insured against road accidents with the most unpredictable consequences. What should you do if you are in an accident and your vehicle is badly damaged?
There is only one answer - seek help from professionals at a car service center.

Our specialists carry out the following types of work:

removing chips and scratches;
removing dents without painting;
straightening and restoration of body geometry of any complexity;
repair of plastic elements (bumper, etc.);
car painting and polishing.

Our service center also performs welding work, including argon welding and replacement of body elements by cutting in new parts.

We will polish your car quickly and efficiently!

After polishing, your car will live a new life - it will again become shiny and new, as if it was just from the showroom. But it is important to understand that in order to receive high-quality polishing services, you need to contact only professionals! Otherwise, you can damage your car.
Only the best craftsmen from the best work in our car service center. And we use only professional materials for our work!

We replace windshields from the original to high-quality replacements. We guarantee quality!

We replace and install windshields for all brands of cars:
Original windshields
Substitutes Sekurit, Pilkington, XYG, etc.
As well as heated glass, light and rain sensors

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